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Thunder Pax - Graded Slabby Patty

Thunder Pax - Graded Slabby Patty

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Strike lightning with the "Thunder Pax"! Every pack crackles with potential, containing a single graded slabby patty that could be a vintage classic, a modern marvel, or a fan-favorite like Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur. Feel the rumble of excitement as you tear into each pack, eager to discover which electrifying hit awaits you.


  • 1x Graded Slabby Patty
  • 1x Entry for the Dark Charizard

If you purchase Live + Thundersurance:

  • Includes 1xa Graded Slabby Patty with a one-time swap option for a slab from the selection of opened slabs.
  • ***Thundersurance is NOT ALLOWED during FLASH SALES.

Disclaimer: The legendary cards featured on our cover art could be the very ones you find in your Thunder Pax. Remember, each packs graded card’s grade varies, adding to the thrill of the chase. Are you ready to catch the thunder?

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