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Pokemon Fishing Bath Bomb

Pokemon Fishing Bath Bomb

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Keep out of reach of children.

Although these are intended to be used in baths. We do not recommend using this in the bath but as a fun experiment in a bowl of water.

How to use:
1. Remove “Surprise ball” from the aluminum packaging, peel off the transparent film, and place in hot water at a temperature suitable for bathing.
2. Take a bath as bubbles come out of the “Surprise ball”.
3. The Pokemon will come out from the “Surprise ball”.
4. Use the provided rod to hook the Pokemon and reveal your catch!
5. When you melt the bath salt, a monster ball-shaped float connected to a fishing line will come out!

If you melt the bath salt, you can enjoy the light blue water and the scent of soap!

  • 5 types in total.
  • One of the 5 types is randomly enclosed.
  • Type cannot be selected.

This product is a bath salt, not edible.

Experience the thrill of "fishing" with this playful bath bomb!
As it dissolves, 1 out of 5 Pokemon connected to a fishing line emerges from a monster ball float. Enjoy the refreshing blue hue of the water and a soothing soap fragrance..


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